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Star Wars Chapter 27
So here's the next one for these two. And the one following is going to be a major turning point.


Chapter 27: Closer

The two Padawans boarded the ship. It would only big enough for a two person crew so this would work. "So where to first?" Nicholas asked as he punched the buttons to get the craft moving.

"Let's get into space first," Huraz-Alaz replied. The male human smiled and let out a chuckle. 

"Seems some parts of you haven't changed; even with age."

The Nelvaanian just smiled as their ship climbed out of the atmosphere into the vastness of space. "Now then, we need to get the material for the handle."

The only thing that could was more Brylark Wood. But the one the female had right now wasn't enough. So Nicholas plotted a course to a tropical jungle like planet where it could be found. The trip itself wasn't a long one at all. Even so the two spent the time talking about things they hadn't yet. Soon their ship landed and they got out. "So where now?" Nicholas asked.

"Should be that way," Huraz-Alaz answered. The two made their way through the dense growth for a few minutes. Finally they found one of the trees that had the wood she was looking for. 

"Keep an eye out while I cut some off," the female said. The male nodded and it wasn't long with her lightsaber that the Nelvaanian had what was needed. Soon they were back on their ship and in space.

"What was next?" the human asked. "You never fully stated what you needed."

"I didn't did I? Well the next is the leather strap and paint to turn the handle grey. There's also a metal end that's needed. The final piece which will produce the blade is last of all."

"Right, I understand." Huraz-Alaz then explained where to get the bottom part of her saber. It was found on an icy world in an abandoned mine. While definitely more cold and dangerous, the two were able to find it, or rather the female was. Soon it was onto a warmer planet that had water and grassy fields for the leather and paint. After landing and getting these things, the two Padawans decided to take a break to eat in one of the fields. There were even waterfalls behind them and a river nearby.

"Hmm," Huraz-Alaz sighed.

"What?" Nicholas commented. "Something on your mind?"

"it's nothing."

"No, it is, you just don't want to tell me," the human commented with a grin.

"And how would you find out?" the Nelvaanian replied with a smile. "Use a Mind Trick on me?"

"You know as well as I do that I'm not strong enough to use it on another Jedi. Besides, I would never on you."

The female smiled at that. "Alright. This just reminds me of that one time I found a small river that fed into my village back on my home world. It was normally the males who'd go out as gathers while the children and females stayed behind. But this helped us greatly. And everyone was proud of me for finding it."

"You still remember that? Must've been young."

"Just enough. Of course now being treated the same regardless of gender has really been good in my life. It's made me realize just because I'm a female doesn't mean I can't do things another male… or even you can do." She blushed, wondering if that had been too much.

"Come on," Nicholas replied. "There's things you can do I can't. I'm sure you were being taught by your mother the beginnings of how to cook, take care of a home, and all that. I can do some of the cooking but everything else… no. It's not a bad thing but it's something that shouldn't leave you."

"And what if it does?" Huraz-Alaz asked. 

"It might be bad… especially if it comes in handy." 

"And when would that happen?"

"I don't know. Maybe if we're stranded or something." The Nelvaanian looked at the human with a strange look until he grinned.

"You're making fun of me, aren't you?" Huraz-Alaz asked with a giggle and grin.

"No, no," Nicholas insisted. "I'd be much too frightened to tease a Jedi like you." The two shared a laugh at that. But when it was over it left the female with that feeling again from before but stronger than ever. The male was also wondering why he had done that. The two made no more comments and after the food was finished, it was back to the ship. Little did both know that soon they were going to change. 


Yeah, there aren't any waterfalls in this pic but they are there.



Jewel Vixens And Alpha Canines Story 18: Final
So here we go with the final part for now. Hard to believe we're getting closer to the end.

Jewel Vixens and Alpha Canines in Dead Males Tell No Tales Part Final: The Rest

Everyone made it back to California. Even with the three weeks of resting and preparing they could feel the tension that was building. The time would soon come when they would head to that island. The one where Ogel was. And this time they would get the lupine or kill him. Unless he did it to them which nobody plained on it. At least they spent whatever time they could with their loved ones.

A couple of nights before heading out found Nicholas and Topaz just spending time alone. The vixen was wearing a sparkling long red outfit that wasn't quite a dress but was making her beautiful. He of course was semi-formal. "Mmm," his vixen girlfriend sighed.

"Happy love?" her vulpine boyfriend asked and nuzzled her right cheek, causing the female to giggle. 

"Because I'm with you."

"And I feel the same." The two leaned in, foreheads touching. "I love you so much Topaz…"

"And I love you Nicholas the same… LIke more than any person in the world."

"Then… when this is over…"

"Yes?" Topaz asked.

"Well… we'll wait and see…" The two then kissed and went to their room for love making. However what was to come would be the hardest mission the group had done. 


Now the final part won't start until next month. My hope is that I can get this finished this year. If not then definitely in 2018.

Topaz belongs to:
Jewel Vixens and Alpha Canines Story 18: 3
Now here we go with the boss fight. I don't think the face of this baboon came out well but it was the first time I'd ever drawn one.


Jewel Vixens and Alpha Canines in Dead Males Tell No Tales Part Three: Duel

(… )

The two male made it to the very top of the middle mast. "Any last words?" Nicholas asked to the baboon.

"None other then die!" the other male shot back and charged in with a yell. The vulpine had quite the foot work thanks to years of practicing his balance. The sound of the enemy's sword and his katana clashing rang out. The rest of the group could only look on, especially Topaz. 

After some more back and forth from them LeFwee moved, trying to knock the fox off the mast. The other male just took the blow and moved back. The two were then at it again. Only this time it was faster and fierce. The two then came to a standstill, glaring daggers at the other. The vulpine then did a head butt, knocking the baboon back. The guy was only stunned for a moment before coming back in for the attack. Then the vulpine ended up getting a cut to the check. "Not as fast as ye seemed!" the enemy taunted.

"It's nothing!" the fox shot back. 

Nicholas pressed the attack and then with a quick flick sent the baboon down to the next lower level of the mast. The fox went down as well and the second round began. With lighting speed, the vulpine stabbed forward. While the primate was able to duck, his hat was so lucky and got spilt in two. "Ha!" Nicholas shouted and pressed the attack.

"You'll pay for that!" LeFwee snarled.

The two males were at it again, this time trying to get the other with blows from their fists and elbows. At one point the baboon managed to hit Nicholas in the right knee. The action caused the vulpine to go to one leg. But by twisting back and stabbing, he was able to make LeFwee back off enough so that the fox could rise up and attack again. Nicholas then winced; that blow had done more damage then had first thought. "Should've expected a dirty trick like that…" the long haired male snarled.

The two charged at each other, but Nicholas got the upper hand and pushed the baboon back and off the two were at it again. However everyone else could see the battle was being turned against the pirate. The two went down to the final level of the mast but even then the vulpine wouldn't be stopped. With one final blow, the baboon was sent over and into the water. "Smartest male of the Seven Seas!!!" LeFwee's last words were. It was a gruesome sight to see the guy get eaten by sharks. But the terror he had was gone. (Music ends) 

The baboon was beat, outsmarted by the group. It had been quite the job but at last the Canines and Vixens were all back together. As for Dimitri, he was in love with his new diving gear, which had gone to his head. The group was informed that he'd be the frog guy for the Ogel job. It would be a big help not that anyone had asked him. Aquamarine was pretty happy as well. For the first time in memory, no police showed up to haul the bad guys to jail. But Nicholas and Sapphire just shrugged it off. For now, it was time to relax for a week before the final job. The group would need the rest. 

"So then… I guess that's that," Topaz pointed out as the ship was heading back.

"Yep," went Nicholas. "We have…" He put on the shades. "… Just sunk this like a boat" (… ) He then put them away. Even so the feeling of what was to come was beginning to way heavily on the group's mind. Soon it would be the beginning of the end. 


Sorry it was kind of short but I think that's because i was beginning to be mentally drained. Hopefully during the final chapter and main enemies are fought they'll be longer.

Topaz belongs to:



So this show a bit of the type of Justu I'd use. The reason green is used is to just give some color since Wind Style doesn't have a color. The blue hand is a Justu used by me called Aquatic Hand Blade Justu. The other is Wind Hand Blade Justu. These two don't exist and were created to counteract certain Blade Justu and Taijustu. The circle is the eye Justu created by me. Known as the X-Axis eye it applies to both eyes. These eyes allow me to see Chakara points and Chakara flow, along with movements from multiple angels. It can't copy Justu but it can help counteract powerful Genjustu from other eyes users. 


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and the snouts and ears need work to. Maybe if use a reference from a wolf or cat pictures ,or to make your job less harder you could look up anatomy and furry picture from the internet. I hope my comment didn't offend you I would love to see you improve on your art in the future . :-)
Co-lord44 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
And that's what I'm doing. Now I will admit a few groups (Zoophobia and another) are a little irregular (Because that's the choice I and Viv make) the rest are definitely being worked on. It's been only recent I've started to improve even more. 
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